Data Matters: Digital Networks, Data Centre & Posthuman Institutions

The first phase of the research on data centers will be developed by RCA students and the faculty, within the framework of the architectural design studio ‘ADS8: ‘Data Matter: Digital Networks, Data Centers & Posthuman Institutions’ lead by Marina Otero Verzier and Ippolito Pestellini Laparelli, together with Kamil Dalkir.

ADS8 will look at the architecture of data centres as the fundamental component of today’s political, cultural, socio-economic landscapes. A new form of architecture for data and machines – one almost liberated from human needs and entirely shaped by technological rationales – data centres are the testing ground for alternative models of post-human institutions. From the new spatial, material conditions that data centres bring together, to the network infrastructures that enable them, to the residual cohabitation of humans and non-humans, these apparently anonymous architectures are mobilised here as emerging urban prototypes.