We are an multi-disciplinary collective practice of architectural designers, artists and researchers based in London. Our work investigates the impact of digital technologies in the built environment through the medium of public installations, collective conversation and immersive technologies.



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Emmy Bacharach  


BA (Hons) Architecture - RIBA Part 1
University of Cambridge, 2015

Tim Ronalds Architects, 2015-2016, Architectural assistant

DSDHA, 2016-2017, Architectural assistant

Co-founder of Co-Select, DJ collective advocating gender equality in dance music culture, 2017 - present

MA Architecture - RIBA Part 2
Royal College of Art, London, 2019

Participant in Volumetric Ecologies: Environments, Bodies and Mediated Worlds at Goldsmiths Digital Studios, June 2019

Emmy Bacharach is an architectural designer, DJ and audio-visual artist, working at the intersection of architecture, sound, film and immersive technologies

Emmy’s 2019 project Proxy Architecture explores the potential of collective virtual space for different forms of social interaction, speculating on an alternative digital network in Istanbul, a dynamic and reconfiguring mesh network that is connected via nodes in cybercafés and other communal spaces around the city, and a collective virtual space accessed through it. This space explores  freedom of expression and communication through the spatial and architectural freedoms opened up by virtual reality technologies.