MK Imprints

 2020 | Milton Keynes Art Centre

Xcessive Aesthetics will develop a series of workshops that will accumulate in a built installation which will explore themes of data visibility, data transparency and data biases. How is statistical data collected? What methodologies are used? And what biases can arise when this data is analysed and presented? The workshops, installation and events organised will explore these questions in a material form whilst formulating an alternate reality of Milton Keynes.

An identity which is not solely influenced by statistical data, but one that is created by local communities and groups which we will work alongside during the course of the residency. We will collect memories and stories of Milton Keynes, through making and craft whilst developing new modes of data collection via building sensors in order to empower local communities to better understand their own environment. This new form of “data '' that will be produced will be raw and non-curated, free to access, with no analysis. The data will be interpreted in many different ways by the viewers, highlighting how one set of data can have a multitude of outcomes and meanings and yet are all still valid.   


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