Studio Digital Native

September 2022 | Design Academy Eindhoven

Xcessive Aesthetics will be running a new bachelor’s design studio, Studio Digital Native, for the 2022-2023 academic year at the Design Academy Eindhoven.

Studio Digital Native aims to rethink the infrastructures of technology, surveillance, and of media culture, in their relation to physical realities and public space. Hybridity forms a key part of the Digital Native’s creative approach: combining performative and archival design methods in unconventional ways to unpack and re-frame the interactions between digital and physical space. We will begin to explore each brief through Hybrid Phenomena, instances from popular culture and/or social and political events that highlight the interactions, collisions, frictions, glitches and feedback loops between the physical and digital. Through this hybrid approach we aim to hack into techno-political networks, to challenge the structures of colonial institutions, and to explore the material and spatial consequences of the digital world. Studio Digital Native is space of creative strategy-building towards decolonising technology and knowledge.

Read the full brief here.

Lead tutors:
Emmy Bacharach
Ibiye Camp
Rhiarna Dhaliwal

Visiting tutors:
Dream Chittmittrapap
Jade Blanchard-McKinley
Teresa Ribeiro-Boulting

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