We are an multi-disciplinary collective practice of architectural designers, artists and researchers based in London. Our work investigates the impact of digital technologies in the built environment through the medium of public installations, collective conversation and immersive technologies.



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Teresa Boulting

MA(Hons) Architecture at University of Edinburgh (2012-2016)


Architectural Assistant, MATT Architecture, London 2016-1017

Architectural Assistant, Bernardes Arquitetura, Rio de Janeiro, 2015

Architectural Assistant, Sauerbruch Hutton, Berlin, 2015

Teresa is a Brazilian-British architectural designer with an on-going fascination in the social dialectic between (wo)man-designed and (wo)man-populated 

Emerging into a world in which not only technological but also cultural ideas and values are being radically transformed and re-expressed in dynamic new ways, has become increasingly aware of the extraordinary social power that design and architecture exercises. Her personal interest personal is increasingly gravitating towards those areas in which deisgn can be used to improve the human experience by providing environments conducive to a greater sense of meaning and well-being for the individual as well as the collective.

Teresa was both project manager and also participant of a group of Royal College of Art students exhibiting at the Manifesta12 Research Studios of the Manifesta nomadic biennale in Palermo. Together the MA architecture students used the biennial as a cultural-temporal framework to explore the city as the stage for the extension of domestic institutions via informal gatherings.
Student Participant: Teresa Boulting, Joel Cunningham, Josephine Devaud, Cecile Diama-Samb, Isabella Duffield, Beth Fisher, Ines Gulbenkian, Humza Hamid, Jade Mc-Kinley, Samuelle Paglino, Maria Saeki, Sophie Williams, George Allen, Tzen Chia.

Film Photography: Sara Marinangeli

Still Photography: Giulia Parlato

Tutors: Marina Otero, Ippolito Pestellini, Anna Puigjaner and Kamil Dalkir