Data Deli: Do You Accept Cookies?

 2020 | London Festival of Architecture

Every day we share and disclose our personal details to access the benefits of networked culture; we accept terms and conditions and privacy policies without reading them; we go to cafes and connect to public wifi networks for free internet; we accept cookies. The power of data and its influence over our lives and public space is ever increasing. Everything that happens online depends on the physical architecture of networks which has spatial implications on our urban environments.

The XA Data Deli is an interactive public pavilion which will provoke questions on the use of data collection in public space. The built form of the structure will be utilised as a vehicle to visualise the public's responses to a series of questions on public wifi and data collection. Ultimately, highlighting the ambiguous and shifting relationships which arise out of and accompany the usage of public wifi. In the same way that you accept cookies from websites, XA will serve cookies in exchange for your behavioural data, whilst hosting an informal group discussion about the pros and cons of free public wifi networks, data transparency and privacy protection.

As a continuation of the project, we submitted a textile for the “dinner table” fundraiser at San Mei Gallery, 2021.


Data Deli from Xcessive Aesthetics on Vimeo.

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